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Like other’s have said, Frank is the Man!. This shop has been around the corner from my office, and I have been using him for years. Compared to a lot of small shops, he’s honest, knows what he’s doing, and has the proper tools to do work. I don’t think twice about bringing both my personal and company vehicles to him. Prices are fair, and work is quick and proper. What more can you ask?

Robert T.
San Francisco, CA

I love the people at A & C Auto Clinic. They offer the right service at the right price.

Darryl T.
San Francisco, CA

Our entire office takes their cars to this gem around the corner. Betty couldn’t be nicer, and they’ll got most anything done in a day. They have set rates that they’ll give you with a receipt beforehand, and no surprise fees at the end which makes for a great piece of mind when you’re sitting at work waiting for the call…So happy we have them just around the corner.

Chelsea D.
San Francisco, CA

I have a custom Toyota Tacoma that needed a new clutch. A & C Auto Clinic wasn’t afraid of the customizations I did (converted to manual transmission and 4×4) and did a great job installing the clutch. I requested all Toyota OEM parts and they were able to order/receive the parts that same day. They showed me the old clutch and the new parts (in Toyota packaging) before reassembly. Now the clutch is buttery-smooth and feels like it will last a long time. I got the truck back the next day.

Jet V.
San Francisco, CA

Frank Tran Is The Man! Quality Service + Honest And Ethical Ownership + Highly professional yet down to earth customer service = Tremendous Consumer Value. I took my 1964 Thunderbird into A & C Auto Clinic to have the Power Windows and door locks looked at and the Transmission serviced. “Thundarella” is a tired 45-year-old car and sadly the Transmission was not serviceable but needed a complete overhaul. And my radiator was bad to boot. The price quoted was around $2,000. A fair price considering the age and the fact that this is a cast iron 45 year old Merc-o-matic Transmission and a big block radiator specific to Fords of that era and would be a bit difficult for them to do the work on.
I asked Frank if I could spend a day to think about it and get some other estimates. Frank said, “No problem, I understand completely.” I called around to some other shops to get some quotes, having once managed a chain of transmission shops myself, I knew that the quotes could vary dramatically but that in the final analysis it would all come down to one thing, and one thing only: Who did I trust to work on my baby? Well, after being told smugly by the Center Manager at AAMCO on Cesar Chavez that they did not work on ‘old cars’ nor did they know anyone who would, and then receiving a quote of $2,500 from Powell Hydromantic, and another smart alec response from the guys at Automatic Transmission Center, I knew that Frank and his great crew were the guys to do the work for me. The removal and rebuild went smoothly and when it came time to do the radiator, Frank was able to weld the old one and thereby save me hundreds of dollars. I can not recommend this facility higher, Franks office manager Betty, is courteous and funny and knows exactly what she is doing mindful of your time and expense. She also kept me up to date on all the work being done to “Thunderella” while I paced the floor at home like an expectant father. These old school traditional values, combined with the skills honed from 20+ years of mechanic’s experience and quality customer services is how Frank keeps his customers coming back to A & C Auto Clinic whenever automotive repair is required. Thanks Frank and Betty and all the great crew at A & C Auto Clinic for making a potentially horrific experience as smooth and easy as it could be, on both my wallet and my nerves. I will return here for all my future needs of this sort and I strongly recommend that if you are in need of Auto repair but wary of repair facilities, you should look no further. These guys are good, honest and will give you one more thing that your money cannot buy: Peace of mind.

Bryan O.
San Francisco, CA

I only came in for a simple oil change about 7 months ago and was impressed with their professionalism and honesty. Service was done well and they didn’t try to up sell me on anything. I decided to write a review because I took my car into another place that specializes in oil changes to save some time and it was double the price! Next time I’ll stick with A & C

Kristen E.
San Francisco, CA

Took my wifes Subaru for a smog and they did a thorough job, even got the car up on the lift to look underneath. Even with the new lengthy visual inspection mandated by the state, they had me back on the road in 30 minutes!

Colin P.
San Francisco, CA

We have several vehicles, which are in constant use. We have struggled to find a mechanic who is not only open on Saturdays, but actually has a full crew working so that, when I drop a vehicle off on Friday, as long as I’ve given them enough time to order the parts they need, A&C will have the vehicle ready for use on Monday morning. They seem to be able to diagnose and fix most problems within 24 hours, they longest they’ve kept a vehicle is three days (it had a complex problem, and I was regularly updated on progress). If we have an emergency, they can take the vehicle and get a diagnosis, and an accurate estimate, to me within a couple of hours. So far I’ve been impressed with the quality of their service, the accuracy of their estimates, and the skill of their mechanics. Having had a rough couple of years trying to find the right people, I think we might have got there, finally!

Pawsitive T.
San Francisco, CA

Frank is a great mechanic! I took my old tried Toyota in dire need of a smog check here. Frank was the only tech able to get it pass, after three other shop wanted me to get a new transmission to clear the cel. Thank you very such Anh Frank. New customer for life.

S C.
San Carlos, CA

A & C have been working on my vehicles for the last couple of years, I have nine cars and vans. I have found Betty and Frank to be friendly, responsive, efficient and skilled. They always have time to look at my vehicles, they always turn them around quickly; my business can’t function without my vehicles. I had to go through several mechanics to find these guys. My total vehicle repair bill for 2014 was half the amount it had been the previous year, I put this down to the fact that, while the previous guys were cheaper, I had to keep taking my vehicles back in to have the same or similar things worked on. On top of that Frank helped me remove a serious amount of graffiti from two of my vans and then lent me a portable battery charger when we had a flat battery the other day. Finally, I am a woman and have not had very good experiences with mechanics! These guys treat me with respect and have not ripped me off.

Emma C.
San Francisco, CA

Frank and Betty are great! They’ve been servicing our fleet of Econolines and Transits for years. They work with our insurance seamlessly. They allow me to cherry pick services despite their careful recommendations. Their work quality is excellent. I do infrequent price checks against other shops and they are always fair.

Matt L.
San Francisco, CA